Clark lays claim to having invented the first ever forklift in existence in 1917. Since that time, Clark has grown to become a world leader in manufacturing forklift trucks, crafting over 1-million machines for corporations the world over.

With a history of excellence and innovation, Clark has been at the helm of the rapid forklift technological advancements, and prides itself on maintaining a culture of constant product improvement.

With a vast range of forklifts available, from diesel to gas or electric, and an array of lifting capacities, Clark forklifts are appropriate for any situation. From indoor to outdoor, 1.5 tonne loads to 8 tonne, Clark forklifts are perfect for manufacturing, warehouses, lumber handling, storage yards, and a myriad of other challenging and tough undertakings.

Whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed that your Clark forklift will be at the forefront of new technology, and you can rest assured that the performance, efficiency and quality will be second to none.

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