Nissan prides itself on exceptional customer service and the maintenance its customer’s high standard of satisfaction.

With a history of offering outstanding quality products at excellent value, Nissan’s standard of excellence is ever-present in their range of efficient and quality forklifts.

Considered an industry leader, Nissan’s material handling equipment complies with the company’s meticulous quality standards, and proudly supplies an array of forklifts to meet the needs of its global customer base.

Nissan continues to innovate and evolve its designs to service a constantly growing and changing market, and demonstrates great flexibility in response to customer requests. While customer satisfaction is Nissan’s first priority, Nissan is also aware of the environmental impact of its products and strives to minimise any omissions through innovative design and efficient processes.

Quality, innovation and reliability are paramount to the success and ethos of this company, and the forklifts they produce.

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